Here you will find a  schedule of up coming events .
 Up Comming Updates
 Soon I will add a section for personalities I like  I am planning to add a research section into my web portal.
 I will publish list of open source projects published by me , and a list of open source projects where I have contributed  A section will be dedicated for IT students where I will not only publish solutions to common software problems but will also add a career path guideline.
<<I have a plan to share some ideas for new software products>>

 The new products will be launched a open source products 
A sub portal / blog will be launched that will target career opertunities for fresh and experienced IT professionals.
Video Tutorials
A list of video tutorials for IT professionals. Coming soon
Making the Switch
<<REMOVE this item if NO users are switching from Outlook.>>

Switching from Outlook: Gmail and Calendar

Self-paced training (short clips - 1 hour total) A comprehensive introduction to switching from Outlook to Google Apps. Covers threaded email conversations, contacts, labels, filters, working with calendar events, syncing events from Outlook, and more.

What's not available in Google Calendar Most features you're used to in your old calendar are available in Google Calendar, but here are a few that aren't.
Tips and Tricks
<<REMOVE this item if you are NOT enabling labs for your domain.>>

Explore recommended Google Labs
Enable year view, calendar attachments, world clock, and other enhancements to Google Calendar.
Options for mobile users Yes, you can access Google Calendar on your mobile phone! Follow the link to find out how.


For even more information about using Google Calendar, check out the Calendar Help Center.

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