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Mosync Hakathon Lahore Pakistan (Welcome Mosync)

posted Apr 27, 2012, 1:28 PM by Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad
Mosync  is coming to Pakistan, the event (Mosync Hakathon) will be held in Lahore Pakistan at Marvel Hotel, My team (Me and Usman Ahmad Nasir) is one of the 100+ teams participating in this event.
The event is starting at 12:00 noon Saturday April 28,2012, and we are aimed to win the first prize ;) :p .....  Good luck to me and my team, and I say very warm welcome to Mosync to Pakistan.

Quick overview of Mosync:
Mosync is an open source SDK for cross platform mobile application development, maintaining single code base  you can target Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Blak Berry ans Symbian platform.
Mosync offers you to develop your application using C++ only, HTM5 + Javascript or hybrid code ( HTML5, JS and C++).
I am planning to publish a complete series of tutorials, articles and walk throughwww.mosync.com to develop state of the art mobile applications using MoSync, my plan is start with C++ track and then move to HTM5 / JS and Hybird Apps, if you have any suggestions please write me at write@sma.im

Thanks and Good Luck 
Happy  Mosyncing ...