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Opera launched Web page debugger (Dragonfly Debugger)

posted Mar 15, 2011, 12:37 PM by Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad

Dragonfly: An integrated debugging tool for Opera Browser.

Dragonfly Debugger is an integrated development and debugging tool with rich feature set. Dragonfly is integrated into Opera Browser, and requires no additional installation, range of products that support Dragonfly Debugger includes Opera Browsers, Opera Presto based products including Opera Widgets and Opera Mobile.

Short cut Keys
  • Open DragonFly Debugger 
    • Windows
      • Ctrl  +  Alt  + I 
    • Mac 
      • ⌘+⌥+I 

Quick Start
  • Click here to download Opera Browser (if it is not installed on your system).
  • Install and launch Opera Browser.
  • Type following url in address bar of Opera Browser.
  • Replace Developer Tools Url with following url
  • Click on Save button to update settings.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I to launch Opera Dragon Fly Debugger.