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Step by Step Guide to Google APIs Explorer

posted Mar 8, 2011, 11:40 PM by Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad
Google API Explorer helps you to explore Google APIs in a very interactive manner, now you can try Google APIs right from your browser. 

Lets gets started with Google API Explorer.

 Follow this link https://code.google.com/apis/explorer/ to launch Google API Exploer.

Select translate API from "Select a service pane", this will list the available versions of selected API, select a particular version , (for this example select v2 from "Select a version" pane), On selecting a version all methods of selected API will be populated under "Select a method" pane, and if you select a particular method  all parameters will be populated under "Fill in parameters" pane, for current example select "translations.list" method from "Select a method" pane, and fill the parameters a following.

 Parameter Value  Description 
 *q  Welcome to sma.im source text that you want to translate into another language 
 *target fr  Target language to which you want to translate source text, in this case fr= French. 
 format     text  This is an optional parameter to specify the format of the text.
 source  en Language code of source text (from which the text will be translated)

* indicates the parameter is not optional

After filling in all the parameters click execute button, and the API method will be executed on the fly, and out will be shown in bottom pane (History), this pane also maintains history of results of last executions.

That's all,  Happy coding.
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