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Clustering EMQ X Automatically:static, using a static node list

Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad Follow Mar 23, 2019 · 3 mins read
Clustering EMQ X Automatically:static, using a static node list
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The simplest way to automatically create EMQ X Broker cluster is to use configure list of static nodes on each member node of EMQ X Broker cluster.

Let’s start with creating cluster of 3 EMQ X Broker nodes.

1. Setup EMQ X Broker Nodes

Follow the guidelines presented in my previous article Setup EMQ X broker node on Ubuntu Server to setup 3 EMQ X nodes. So we have 3 EMQ X nodes setup as following.

# Node Name IP Address
1 emqx@
2 emqx@
3 emqx@

You can set node name of EMQ X Broker Node using the property defined in /etc/emqx/emqx.conf configuration file. Following are detailed steps to set the node name of EMQ X Broker Node, follow these steps to setup property on each member node.

All nodes in EMQ X Cluster need to have same cookie value, this helps EMQ X to recognize nodes of the same EMQ X Cluster. You can set cookie value of EMQ X Broker Node using node.cookie property in /etc/emqx/emqx.conf configuration file.

Configuring the EMQ X Cluster Mode

We can set the cluster mode for EMQ X Cluster using cluster.discovery property in /etc/emqx/emqx.conf configuration file.

  1. Open the /etc/emqx/emqx.conf configuration file.
    sudo nano /etc/emqx/emqx.conf
  2. Search for cluster.discovery property.
    ## Value: Enum
    ## - manual: Manual join command
    ## - static: Static node list
    ## - mcast:  IP Multicast
    ## - dns:    DNS A Record
    ## - etcd:   etcd
    ## - k8s:    Kubernates
    ## Default: manual
    cluster.discovery = manual
  3. Set static as value of cluster.discovery property.
    cluster.discovery = static

    Please note that default value for cluster.discovery property is manual, you need to change value of cluster.discovery property to static for each member node of EMQ X Cluster.

Configure EMQ X Cluster Nodes

To setup EMQ X Cluster with static mode you need to set node names of all member nodes against cluster.static.seeds property in /etc/emqx/emqx.conf configuration file of each member node.

Following are the steps to configure each member node to create EMQ X Cluster with static mode.

  1. Open /etc/emqx/emqx.conf (EMQ X configuration) file for editing.
    sudo nano /etc/emqx/emqx.conf
  2. Search for cluster.static.seeds property.
## Cluster using static node list

## Node list of the cluster.
## Value: String
## cluster.static.seeds = emqx1@,emqx2@

  1. Set comma separated list of node names of all member nodes.
    cluster.static.seeds = emqx@,emqx@,emqx@

Repeat step 1 to step 3 for all member nodes of EMQ X Cluster.

Checking Status of EMQ X Cluster

We can use emqx_ctl cluster status command to check status of EMQ X Cluster. Run emqx_ctl cluster status command on any member node of EMQ X Cluster as following.

emqx_ctl cluster status


Cluster status: [{running_nodes,['emqx@','emqx@',

That’s it, hope you enjoyed it. You like this article, have any questions or suggestions please let us know in the comments section.

Thanks and Happy Learning!

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